Starcrossed. We are thrilled to announce that our new book: Starcrossed: A Romeo and Juliet Story in Hitler’s Paris will appear in the US ( Kensington Citadel) in January 2023. It’s been a labour of love and we are excited to see it in print. Copies already available on Amazon! […]

Starcrossed: Our New Book

We are thrilled to announce that our new book, Starcrossed: A True Romeo and Juliet Story In Hitler’s Paris, will be released in the US by Kensington Citadel in January 2023. Paris May 1940. On the eve of the German invasion of France a nineteen-year-old Jewish girl named Annette Zelman […]

Starcrossed: Coming Soon!

Shackleton ship, Endurance, in Antarctica, has been found. I am excited to report that I broke the story @natego website this Wednesday morning at 7.00 a.m GMT. It was a thrilling story to work on. One of the most exciting moments was spending an hour on the phone with the […]

Shackleton: The Endurance – Found in Antarctica!

Excited to announce my latest story for National Geographic, on the very contentious badger cull in the UK. It’s a clear October night near the village of Portbury, in Somerset, a county in western England. “We use this to monitor the badgers at night,” says my guide, an animal […]

National Geographic Article On Badgers

I am so proud to report that my wife, Heather Macadam, has been shortlisted for a Pen Award (Biography) for her book, 999: The Extraordinary Young Women Of The First Official Jewish Transport To Auschwitz. If you haven’t read it already, then I whole-heartedly recommend it. It’s a heart-stopping, poignant […]

PEN Award

We are thrilled to welcome TRACY CHEVALIER, best-selling author of The Girl With A Pearl Earring and ten other novels to Writer’s Desk today at 5.00 p.m. Tracy was born in October 1962 and grew up in Washington, DC, where her father was a photographer for the Washington Post. It’s […]

TRACY CHEVALIER Live @writersdesks at 5.00 p.m UK

In these challenging times, when we are all stuck at home, literature and books have never been more important. So join me as I take you on a behind-the-scenes journey into writers’ lives, as they talk about their work, their passions, and their desks, in a new, bi-weekly FB live […]

Join A Live Conversation With Your Favourite Writers

The amazing story of a Dürer masterpiece bought at a yard sale for $30 – Delighted to share my new story for the Sunday Times Magazine Here’s a preview: When Clifford Schorer, an American art dealer who specialises in Old Masters, realised that he had forgotten to buy a present […]

The Thirty Dollar Dürer

I recently learned of the death of my English teacher at school, Richard Jones, or “Twitch,” as he was known to us boys, because of the involuntary smile that would crease his face at regular, but unpredictable times. In many ways, it is because of  “Mister Jones” (as I knew […]

An Inspiring Teacher

I loved doing this story for National Geographic about the return of whales to New York. We went on whale watching cruise around New York harbor two weeks ago. I then interviewed various experts. Here is an extract: As the boat chugs back to where we started, in Far Rockaway, […]

Thar’ she blows! Whales are back in New York.

I am thrilled by this cover for the new Spanish edition of my book by the wonderful Impedimenta publishing house in Madrid. We have had fantastic reviews, in El Pais among others.

The Poet and The Murderer Spanish Edition