With Chelsea Clinton At The Hay Festival

IMG_2307 Introduction

Chelsea Clinton was one of the stars of this year’s Hay Festival. So it was an honour and a pleasure to get to meet Chelsea Clinton and give her a dedicated copy of the book. She was there to promote her own book, Global Health, and I managed to chat with her in the Green Room as she waited to go on stage. IMG_2307

Flashback to Hillary Clinton

There was a nice circularity to the moment because I was the first journalist to interview her mother, Hillary. It was back in 1992, in Little Rock, Arkansas, before Bill Clinton had even been chosen as the democratic candidate. But I had an instinct that he would be President, and that Hillary would be the First Lady and so I pitched the story to a German women’s magazine I wrote for occasionally at the time.

In Arkansas

I flew down to Little Rock, and waited outside the gates of the Governor’s mansion. I was the only journalist chasing this story, apart from a guy from the Washington Post. The next day, I flew with Hillary to Detroit and watched her address a large women’s conference and do a radio interview. Even back then, it was clear that she was a star.

Chelsea was twelve years old at the time. I didn’t meet her, as the Clintons were extremely protective of her, for which I admire them.

A Generous Gesture

34 years later – is it really that long ago?! – here we were chatting at the Hay Festival. Chelsea was interested in the story about her Mum, and thanks me for the signed copy of the book I presented her with. When I asked her if I could get a photo with her, she immediately stepped nearer to me and held the book out in front of her, with the title visible. Such a generous gesture for which I feel very grateful. IMG_2307IMG_2307

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