This Female Helicopter Pilot Took On The Taliban – and the Pentagon 3

This week’s Book Talk is the inspiring story of a female combat helicopter pilot who proved herself braver than the men. Angelina Jolie is now in talks to play her in a movie.

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3 thoughts on “This Female Helicopter Pilot Took On The Taliban – and the Pentagon

  • Ann Joo

    I tried looking for a way to contact you regarding your piece, “Will the Rise of The Robots Implode the World Economy?” at National Geographic. I couldn’t find a comment section, so please excuse me if I had to write it in this article.

    In your interview with Martin Ford, he says:

    “Climate change is a huge challenge and politically we’re having a difficult time solving it. A lot of people don’t believe in it or give it priority, because they’re more concerned with economic issues. When people are worried about paying their rent or putting food on the table, it’s hard for them to focus on something that’s going to impact them decades from now. This is especially true in poor countries. People in those countries are the ones that are going to suffer the most from climate change, but they don’t have the ability to worry about it because they’re focused on surviving economically.”

    Although it is true that it is difficult for people in ‘poor countries’ to work towards better environmental initiatives, I find it disappointing how this issue of climate change was so easily associated with people who are too busy living their lives (paying rent, putting food on the table). Using the reason that most people are ‘more concerned with economic issues, so they forget about climate change’ is such a bad excuse.

    Knock, knock. The president of the US doesn’t believe in climate change – and he has food on his daily breakfast table that can feed dozens of families. So, NO. Climate change isn’t a huge challenge because people are too busy living their lives. Climate change is a challenge because people in power are too busy to care. There’s a difference.

  • sworrall Post author

    Dear Ann – thanks for reaching out, and sorry about the difficulty in contacting me. That’s a very good point that you make. Bear in mind, I am just the “messenger” – i.e the interviewer – not the author of the book. If you go back to the piece on NG’s site, you should find a comment section. You just need to sign in. I am sure other readers would be interested in your POV. Thanks again, Simon

  • 33Trudy

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