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Many people, from the managing editor of The New Yorker to readers and critics, have said: Oh, that would make a great movie! I always felt it would just take the right person to fall in love with the book and see how to do it. Enter, Lorrie Sheehy, a very talented, London-based screenwriter, who is nearing the end of the final draft of a screenplay of The Poet & The Murderer, after nearly a year’s hard graft. I have helped in any way I can, mostly with encouragement but occasionally  criticism, and now we are nearing the finishing line. The working title is: The Salamander Letter. Its first port of call will be Greg Gold, a producer in Los Angeles, who has shown interest throughout the writing process. In a dream world, we would get Philip Seymour Hofmann to play Mark Hofmann. It needs an actor with that sort of intelligence and latent menace.

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