The Poet and The Murderer Spanish Edition 4

I am thrilled by this cover for the new Spanish edition of my book by the wonderful Impedimenta publishing house in Madrid. We have had fantastic reviews, in El Pais among others.

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Writer with @Natgeo; author of The Poet and The Murderer; and the forthcoming Starcrossed: A Romeo And Juliet Story in Hitler's Paris (2022)

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4 thoughts on “The Poet and The Murderer Spanish Edition

  • Jordi Carot

    I’m reading ‘La poeta y el asesino’ and I’m impressed with the narrative and the history. 100% recommended!!!!! Great Book!!
    Regards from Barcelona.

  • sworrall Post author

    Hi Jordi – glad you are liking the book. Please share your recommendation on social media – and tell your amigos! All best, Simon

  • Emily's Friend

    I must say that one feels like buying the book! The cover is in itself a bit of a “fake” ie does not give away it is a true-crime story… I like it very much.