The Poet and The Murderer Goes to No.1 on Kindle 6

Thanks to everyone who has helped propel The Poet & The Murderer to No. 1 in Kindle’s Mormonism category, ahead of Jon Krakauer’s exellent Under The Banner of Heaven, after a promotion last weekend saw it downloaded 14,000 times. Clearly, at this critical ” Mormon moment,” there is an appetite to find out the TRUE story of Mormonism and its “prophet” Joseph Smith, as opposed to the air-brushed versions that are appearing in mainstream publications (like Time Magazine‘s upcoming cover story). These omit almost everything critical: like the fact that Mormon women are expected to obey their husbands and concentrate on breeding children; that the early history of Mormonism is full of racism, violence and financial fraud; and that the Mormon church has spend an enormous amount of time and money covering up the true history of its faith.

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6 thoughts on “The Poet and The Murderer Goes to No.1 on Kindle

  • sworrall Post author

    Thanks very much Charlene. It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers. And the book has now gone to No.1 in the Mormonism category, so hopefully we will continue the momentum. Please share your enthusiasm! And if you had a moment,would you be kind enough to write a review on the Kindle/Amazon page?

  • R Allerton

    Hi there,
    Tiny bit confused. “The poet and The Murderer” published in 9/2009 covered the forgery of an Emily Dickinson poem by Mark Hofmann.
    It also does not appear to be available on Amazon Kindle.

    Am i misunderstanding something?

  • sworrall Post author

    Thanks for getting in touch. You are not missing anything, except that my book is also to a large degree about Mark Hofmann’s attempt to bring down the Mormon church through forgery, hence the posting about it going to No. 1 in the category Mormonism on Amazon. You are also correct that the book is not available on Kindle in the UK. That is because my UK publisher, Harper Collins, still own the rights ( whereas the rights have reverted to me in the US) and had not had the gumption to make a digital edition available. Happily, that is about to change – they are in the final stages of preparing the digital files – so you should be able to order it on Kindle by Christmas, at least. Best wishes, Simon Worrall.