The Loneliness of The Long Distance Father

A rushed day today, hammering down the M5 from Herefordshire to pick up my son in Taunton, who arrived in London this morning from New York. It’s a time of change for him, starting a new life in London, with lots of uncertainty. I feel emotionally shredded, worrying about him; but fretting parents are no help, what a 23 year old needs is unconditional love & ( of course) money. Divorced parents like me also carry a burden of guilt for all the times we couldn’t be together when he was a child. Which brings me to today’s new ebook – really, an ebooklet – which went Live on Kindle yesterday. I suppose it falls into the category known now as ” Dadlit.” Here’s the link, enjoy !

The Loneliness of The Long Distance Father on Kindle @

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