The Amazing Story Of The Knights Templar 2

This week’s Book Talk looks at the myths and legends behind the Knights Templar – and why they have things in common with ISIS – today’s white supremacists and neo-fascists are inspired by them.

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Writer with @Natgeo; author of The Poet and The Murderer; and the forthcoming Starcrossed: A Romeo And Juliet Story in Hitler's Paris (2022)

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2 thoughts on “The Amazing Story Of The Knights Templar

  • john bentley

    There is much to be known from this book but much more to be learned.The Templars have a far longer history from the beginning of Homo Sapiens to this very day. It is my view that The Templar history can be traced to the Hermetic masons who built the pyramids and who handed down their beliefs to Moses, David,John the Baptist, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. These became known as the Nazarene Creed and were spread throughout Europe in opposition to the Catholic Church and adopted by the Knights Templar since the beliefs were of a Jewish Christianity not those of the Roman Church of Paul. Although on occasion the Knights Templar fought alongside Roman Catholics against Islam the Catholics sought to eliminate the Templars and their belief which after their burning of Simon du Molay went underground. It emerged later in its revitalisation by Francis Bacon in the names of the Freemasons and Rosicrucians whose members formed the Founding Fathers of America, and continues to this day under various guises in the USA such as the men only Bohemian Grove and the Skull & Crossbone clubs who have great influence over the political affairs of the US.
    The story is told in my book The Royal Secret written as a novel and told through the eyes of a modern day middle aged woman seeking the truth in life after her husband dies mysteriously.

    would draw your attention to my book The Royal Secret published in 2016. Written as a novel the story is told by a woman of today wh