Simon Worrall in the cave of HandsSimon Worrall was born in Wellington, England and spent his childhood in Eritrea, Paris and Singapore. Since 1984, he has been a full-time  journalist and book author. He has also made frequent appearances on Radio & TV, including the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent; NPR and PBS. He speaks six languages and has lived in or visited more than 70 countries. Among many adventures, he has dug clams with the Inuit on Baffin Island, ridden with gauchos in Patagonia, followed the trail of a stolen Rembrandt with an undercover FBI agent, explored a Tang Dynasty shipwreck off the coast of Sumatra and got drunk with Marianne Faithful. On the way, Simon has been fortunate to work with world-class photographers like Pulitzer Prize-winner, Vince Musi; and Magnum members Ian Berry, Paul Fusco and Inge Von Morath. Among celebrities Simon has profiled are Hilary Clinton, Arthur Miller, Wynona Ryder, Monica Seles and Leonard Cohen. He was the last writer to interview Katharine Hepburn, at her home on Turtle Bay, New York. Simon’s first book,  The Poet and the Murderer ( Dutton/4th Estate), a work of narrative non-fiction about master forger and double-murderer, Mark Hofmann, was published to critical acclaim in 2002. It inspired a BBC documentary, The Man Who Forged America, and is currently being turned into a screenplay. Simon’s recent investigative feature, Cybergate, uncovered the story of the theft of the 2004 US Presidential election by computer fraud. His latest book, River of Desire: A Journey Of The Heart Through Patagonia, has been called an ” Eat,Pray,Love – for men. ” He is currently promoting The Very White of Love, his non-fiction love story set in World War Two. Simon divides his time between his native England and the United States. He is a member of The Frontline Club and The Special Forces Club, in London; and an active supporter of several charities, including Amnesty International and The World Land Trust. His passions include tennis, books and wild places.