Cover image for SC Worrall's The Very White of Love

I am delighted to announce that my new book,The Very White of Love, to be published in England June 2018 by HQ, a new imprint of Harper Collins UK, is already available for pre-sale on Amazon. The story began when I discovered a chocolate box full of wartime love letters written across The Channel between his mother and her fiancé, Martin Preston—nephew to poet Robert Graves.Piecing together the fictional narrative using these genuine letters I have tried to create a timeless love story that I hope fans of Foyle’s War, Dunkirk and The Crown will adore. The action takes readers from Oxford and the bucolic, English countryside to the terrors of The Blitz and the battlefields of northern France in the run-up to the evacuation at Dunkirk.

“Beautifully written and a true piece of history, Simon has pieced together a story that has just been waiting to be told for over 70 years.” —Charlotte Mursell, Editor

The Very White Of Love is one of those books that becomes as vital and immediate as real life; an elegant, heart-pounding narrative that bears all the hallmarks of great literature and classic Hollywood movies.” —Simon Van Booy, FATHER’S DAY (Harper Collins, April 2016).