Roger Ebert’s Lament For a Piece of Lost London

I loved this beautifully written piece by Roger Ebert, the film critic,  mourning the loss of a bit of London’s eccentric history – like all the best writing, it puts you right on the spot so you can see and feel and smell the place being described. I don’t often go to Jermyn Street – it’s way out of my price league – but I occasionally window shop with an old friend, who has a taste for tweed caps and handmade shirts. There used to be a wonderful Italian cafe there but we noticed last time at Christmas that that is now a poncy, glass and steel place that has all the atmosphere of a shopping mall. How short-sighted and philistine of the Crown Estates to demolish a whole historic block and replace it with a modern eyesore that might as well be in Moscow. Seems an irony, too, because Prince Charles is such a friend of historic London ( and the Crown Estates belong to his Mum). Read and enjoy:

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