***** Review of River of Desire 5

5.0 out of 5 stars True adventure! Reading this is almost like riding shotgun in the Jeep throughout the journey. This is an honest, uplifting, trying, and heartfelt story that travels through one of the most amazing places on the earth. Having been to parts of Patagonia, I found myself remembering certain descriptions, longing to experience more, and dying to meet the people Worrall so perfectly describes. His own story weaves in and out of the adventure creating a connection with the reader that stimulates far more feeling than just a travel story. Adventure seekers and romantics probably won’t put this down before finishing it — and then, they’ll probably buy a plane ticket to Patagonia…

It’s always really gratifying to hear from readers, so I’d like to thank Jon Sturdevant, of Oak Park, Illinois for posting this great review of The River of Desire on Amazon http://goo.gl/c7CIb

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Writer with @Natgeo; author of The Poet and The Murderer; and the forthcoming Starcrossed: A Romeo And Juliet Story in Hitler's Paris (2022)

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5 thoughts on “***** Review of River of Desire

  • Octaivo Cardoso

    I sent you a tweet but I think this might reach you faster. I read River of Desire and I agree with the above review. I think it was a terrific book. My desire to go and visit Patagonia has increased tenfold. I read it on the Amazon Kindle and I just wanted to let you know that there are many mistakes in that edition. There are typos and duplicated sentences.

    I will pick up The Poet and The Murderer next. Best Regards,

  • sworrall Post author

    Dear Octavio: thanks very much for getting in touch. It’s always good to hear from readers and know that something I have written has resonated with them. I am just sorry that your reading experience was partially spoiled by typos and repeat sentences. It took me five years, on and off, to write River of Desire and I think by the end of the process I was just too exhausted to do another read through. As I self-published this particular book, I also did not have a professional proof reader at my disposal. Thanks for giving me the heads up. I will look into the issues you raise and try and correct them.

    In the meantime, would you be kind enough to write a review on the Amazon site? And please spread the word in any other way you can. Every little bit helps.

    I hope you enjoy the Poet & The Murderer. A very different book, but one that had many fans, too.

    I am not sure I should encourage you to quit your job but Patagonia is an amazing place, full of unusual people. Send me a postcard if you get there!
    with best wishes,

    Simon Worrall

  • sworrall Post author

    Hi Octavio – did you have time to write a review on Amazon? It would be great if you could. Thanks, Simon.

  • sworrall Post author

    Thanks very much, Ester. Are you referring to the Destinations magazine piece? Or my book, The River of Desire? If it is the book, I would be grateful if you would write a review on the Amazon page. Best wishes, Simon. PS I have another piece coming in Patagon Journal, a new publication based in Chile, in October I think. Are you in Patagonia?