Readers Share Their Stories About Wartime Loss & Love

The Very White Of Love drew many comments from readers who had similar stories. So I am going to post a number of these.

Like Nancy, my mother, and the main character in The Very White Of Love, thousands of women in Britain lost their fiancés in the war and went on to remarry. But the love they lost continued to affect their families, like a subterranean river flowing under the family house.

Below is one such (sad) story. If you have a similar story, please share it.

“Similar to my mother. She married her sweetheart, gave birth to my sister, then lost him in battle in Belgium. She went on to marry again producing me and 7 other siblings. It was not a happy ending though as my dad came back from the Far East war a drunk and violent man who never accepted the son he left behind, me, and making life hell. After 21 years she plucked up the courage to divorce him but she died a very sad lady who could never get out of her head the “What if?” her first love had survived. So many sad stories from two world wars and so much sadness and trauma exists to this day.”

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