I am delighted to announce that Impedimenta, in Madrid, will publish a new Spanish edition of my True Crime book, The Poet and The Murderer. They have done a great job and I am really honoured to appear on their list next to literary titans like Iris Murdoch and Patrick […]

Spanish To Publish The Poet And The Murderer

"One of the best reads in a decade. The subject matter sounds academic, but it is a page turner. The things you will learn about forgery, crime, psychology and the Mormon Church are jaw-dropping. I have given this book as a gift to artists, professors, teenagers and a Protestant minister. To a person, they describe it as one of the best books that they have ever read."

New 5* Review for The Poet And The Murderer

I am delighted to report that the Spanish publisher Impedimenta is going to bring out a new edition of The Poet and The Murderer in July 2019. They publish few, but beautiful, books each year. Their other writers including Iris Murdoch, Penelope Fitzgerald and Patrick White. So I will be […]

New Spanish Edition Of The Poet And The Murderer

IMG_4562 (2)IMG_4567 (2)Last week I had the pleasure of doing a reading from The Very White Of Love for the Waverton Good Read Award. I am delighted to have been long-listed for this unique award, which is given by members of the community of the village of Waverton, near Chester. […]

Waverton Good Read Award

You only have to look at one to understand why. With their long legs, slender bodies, distinctive teardrop markings, and coats that look as if they’d been designed by Louis Vuitton, cheetahs are the supermodels of the feline world. They’re also the least aggressive. Try putting a jaguar in your luxury SUV, and it’ll rip your throat out.

The Trade In Cheetahs: An Impoverished Country Fights Back

The Very White Of Love drew many comments from readers who had similar stories. So I am going to post a number of these. Like Nancy, my mother, and the main character in The Very White Of Love, thousands of women in Britain lost their fiancés in the war and went on to remarry. But the love they lost continued to affect their families, like a subterranean river flowing under the family house.

Readers Share Their Stories About Wartime Loss & Love

Here are some photos from my recent appearance at The Bridport Literary Festival. It was great to meet some of Dorset's passionate readers! Thanks for the great turnout. 

Photos From The Bridport Literary Festival

Right up until the end of her life, Nancy Worrall kept a faded black-and-white photograph of her wartime lover beneath the glass on her dressing table. Martin Preston was the dashing young Oxford undergraduate she fell in love with in 1938 — the fiancé she thought she would spend the rest of her life with before World War II separated them for ever. Called up and sent to France to fight the advancing Germans, Martin penned Nancy a stream of achingly beautiful letters and poems, until one day they stopped arriving at her Buckinghamshire home. Like thousands of women whose love story were torn apart by war in Europe, Nancy learnt to bury her grief and get on with her life. She went on to marry another man, and photographs of her husband and three sons also sat beneath the dressing table glass. Juxtaposed with Martin’s ever-youthful face, they were a constant reminder of the flesh-and-blood family which could never have existed if her first great love had returned. The separation of Nancy Worrall from her fiance Martin Preston during World War II is to be retold by her son Simon Worrall in a new romance novel, The Very White Of Love.  

Book The Date: November 8th Bridport Literary Festival

The paperback edition of The Very White Of Love will be published on December 13th. And I am delighted to be able to share the new cover. Looks gorgeous! Here’s an extract from a two-page feature in the Daily Mail about the book: Extract Right up until the end of […]

New Paperback Cover – Hot Off The Presses!