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Publication of my novel, a love story set in World War Two, with a strong personal background, is now only months away. So I am delighted to announce that I have a new author page dedicated to The Very White Of Love, under the name SC Worrall. I will be regularly posting as we approach publication day on June 14th.

Here is some background to the book:

HQ, an imprint of HarperCollins, is to publish a powerful love story set during the Second World War, The Very White of Love, by acclaimed journalist S. C. Worrall. Editor Charlotte Mursell acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Caspian Denis at Abner Stein.

The Very White of Love is based on a true story, inspired by the author’s discovery of a chocolate box full of love letters between his mother, Nancy, and her fiancé, Martin Preston, the nephew of the poet Robert Graves. Simon Worrall has pieced together the fictional narrative using these genuine letters to write a heartbreaking and timeless love story. After a whirlwind romance, Martin is sent to the battlefields of France in 1939, telling Nancy their love will keep them safe. Then one day, his letters stop. Nancy will do anything to find him, but will she unravel the mystery of his disappearance in time?

Charlotte Mursell, my editor, said: ‘Beautifully written and a true piece of history, Simon has pieced together a story that has just been waiting to be told for over seventy years. HQ are immensely proud to be publishing The Very White of Love.’


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4 thoughts on “New FB Author Page For The Very White Of Love

  • sworrall Post author

    Thanks for checking in, Elizabeth – you are referring, I presume, to Carl Hoffman’s book about Borneo? Please check out my listing for my own modest work, coming out with Harper Collins UK in June. Cheers, Simon

  • Han Duong

    Dear Simon,
    I read your article about the Queen. I love your Queen.
    God save the Queen.