Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers: I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful holiday and a happy and profitable New Year. Thanks to all of you who bought my books and wrote in. it means the world to a writer to hear that something he or she has written has touched a reader’s heart. I am especially grateful today to a reader in Hingham, Mass., who wrote to me asking how she could obtain a paperback copy of the River of Desire: “How is it possible that I cannot obtain a copy of  the River of Desire?” she writes. “I read it with a friend on kindle. We enjoyed, appreciated and became very attached to it. Now I would like to get it for my granddaughter.  It seems to be available on in kindle form.. I  tried Used Book sellers, Barnes and Noble etc…….no luck. How can such a treasure of a book disappear? Where can I find a copy? With much admiration of and pleasure in your writing…” Inspired by her request, I have just set up a paper edition via Kindle’s brilliant CreateSpace programme, which should be available in a few days.

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