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I am pleased to announce that Journey to Ki, the story of my Himalayan odyssey to the highest monastery in the world, has just been published on Kindle ( )

Ki lies behind the Inner Line, a militarised buffer zone between India and Chinese Tibet, in the formidable Spiti Valley. As a result of its seclusion, the ancient Tibetan way of life and culture has been preserved in a way it has not even in Tibet itself. Here is the description of the story on Kindle:

Acclaimed author, Simon Worrall, travels to the remote Himalayan monastery of Ki. Situated behind The Inner Line on the India-Tibet border, at 15,400 ft., it is the highest monastery in the world. There, he discovers a ‘Lost World’ of pure Tibetan Buddhist culture that no longer exists in Tibet itself. On the way, he encounters a colorful cast of characters and some of the most majestic, and unexplored, landscapes in the world. Worrall’s journey to Ki is also a spiritual odyssey. And when things go catastrophically wrong, his own certainties and beliefs are called into question. Beautifully written, full of gentle humor and affectionate portraits of the people he encounters, Journey to Ki is sure to take its place alongside The Snow Leopard or Three Cups of Tea as one of the classics of adventure literature.

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