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In these challenging times, when we are all stuck at home, literature and books have never been more important. So join me as I take you on a behind-the-scenes journey into writers’ lives, as they talk about their work, their passions, and their desks, in a new, bi-weekly FB live event called A Writer’s Desk: short (15 min) video interviews via Zoom, streamed live to Facebook and YouTube.

Writers who have already committed include Simon Winchester, George Monbiot, Tara Isabella Burton, Sophia Money-Coutts, Heather Dune Macadam, Sy Montgomery, Simon Barnes, Augustin Fuentes and many others.

We kick off this Thursday with the well-known British wildlife and sports writer, Simon Barnes, speaking from his writing “hut” in a remote part of Norfolk. So please do join us! And tell all your friends and colleagues. For this to fly, it’s crucial that we get lift-off in these first few weeks.

Dylan Thomas’ Desk At The Writing Shed, Laugharne

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