BBC Radio Shropshire “The Cool Seat”

BBC Radio Shropshire recently invited me to do an interview for “The Cool Seat” with Jim Hawkins. Here is a download of the interview Jim had me into the studio for an hour and we talked about my childhood, my connections to this part of the world, my travelling with National Geographic and lots more. I hope I will be back this summer to talk about my book, The Very White Of Love, which is being published by Harper Collins on June 14th.

Here is a bit of background to the story: HQ, an imprint of HarperCollins, is to publish a powerful love story set during the Second World War, The Very White of Love, by acclaimed journalist S. C. Worrall. Editor Charlotte Mursell acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Caspian Denis at Abner Stein.

The Very White of Love is based on a true story, inspired by the author’s discovery of a chocolate box full of love letters between his mother, Nancy, and her fiancé, Martin Preston, the nephew of the poet Robert Graves. Simon Worrall has pieced together the fictional narrative using these genuine letters to write a heartbreaking and timeless love story. After a whirlwind romance, Martin is sent to the battlefields of France in 1939, telling Nancy their love will keep them safe. Then one day, his letters stop. Nancy will do anything to find him, but will she unravel the mystery of his disappearance in time?

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Writer with @Natgeo; author of The Poet and The Murderer; and the forthcoming Starcrossed: A Romeo And Juliet Story in Hitler's Paris (2022)

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