Happy Birthday, Heather ( & Luce Acres)

On Saturday night we celebrated the 50th. birthday of a wonderfully talented writer, Heather Dune Macadam, author of one of the classic accounts of Auschwitz, Rena’s Promise, and my partner. There were about 30 of us at Indian Cove restaurant here in Hampton Bays, we had the most perfect evening, warm enough to stand outside on the deck and look at the sunset ( and the seals). Many of Heather’s dearest friends from far and wide had made the journey here, and it was a wonderful occasion in every way. Now it’s back to work. After many false starts and hesitations, I have begun work in earnest on the book formerly known as Luce Acres, a ” true story of love in a time of war”, which is based on a box of love letters I discovered at the bottom of my mother’s wardrobe after her death in 2005, from her wartime fiance, Martin Preston, nephew of Robert Graves and a poet himself, who died in a firefight at Hazebrouck, on the Franco-Belgium border in 1940. His letters are beautiful, haunting and tragic. I am very excited about this book. Watch this space.

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