Fatal Exodus: The Tragic Story of African Migration To Europe 4

I am pleased to announce the publication of this OpEd piece about African migrants in NG online. We are hoping to develop this important story into a full-length feature, so any Comments, Tweets, FB postings would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Fatal Exodus: The Tragic Story of African Migration To Europe

  • Derek Stocker

    I guess you are writing of the 21st century? Are you covering the white exoduses from colonised Africa? As an Englishman who emigrated to Rhodesia just prior to Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and finally Zimbabwe I witnessed the upsetting period when folk whom considered themselves African but of the ‘white tribe’ forced to leave for one reason or another. OK most could afford an air ticket but were refugees as opposed to financial emigrants. My mam always said, ‘please son, always make sure you have enough in the bank for air tickets out.’ I had several friends from the Ndebele tribe forced to leave at the fear of arrest and torture, especially those whom had served in the Rhodesian Security Forces as well as former freedom fighters of ZIPRA (Nkomos tribe). I spoke with many folk who had witnessed the evacuation of the Congo and even a couple whom had been part of it. It may be controversial how people came to be third generation white Africans but that cannot take away the fact they are, indeed those that did stick it out may have fourth & fifth generation living now.

  • sworrall Post author

    Thanks for the comment, Derek. I am afraid white exoduses from colonised Africa was outside the brief of my short piece, which looked at African migration from sub-saharan Africa. But it sounds like you have an interesting story to tell. Zimbabwe’s modern history has, of course, been tragic for all its inhabitants, black and white, thanks to the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe. best wishes for the new year, Simon Worrall