Christmas, fathers & sons; & a death in Vienna

We are racing towards Christmas, I realised this morning it is on Friday week, in other words: just around the corner. Much to do before then, incl.putting up the Christmas tree I bought last week but I was in London with my son, helping him make the transition from New York to London. He had an interview this morning in St. Martin’s Lane then had to race to Euston to get a train to Manchester to meet with John Amaechi, the basketball legend, about working @ the BBA ( British Basketball Association).

Meanwhile, I am on the trail of a new investigative story: the case of a British nuclear scientist who recently died mysteriously in Vienna. The story reads like the plot of a Hitchcock movie – or one of those b&w 60’s films, like The Ipcress File. Not sure where the trail will lead – which is always exciting. But I met with the new editor of the London Sunday Times Magazine on Friday. Turns out we both know Dorothy Lichtenstein ( widow of painter, Roy)  in ” The Hamptons. ” Small world.