Cybergate: The Back Story(3)

It was a month since I had heard about the story, when my girlfriend sent me a link to a news story about Connell’s plane crash. The story of his fiery death in a Piper Saratoga, shortly before Christmas, 2008, not long after he had testified in a law suit that implicated Karl Rove in what would, if true, be the biggest crime against democracy since Watergate; the grief and anger of his wife, Heather; the mysterious nature of the plane crash, all struck a chord. Not so much a political chord – I wasn’t coming with any particular agenda – but a human one. The image of a woman waiting at an airfield for a plane that never arrived, haunted me. Who was Michael Connell ? How did he die ? Was it an accident ? Or had he been murdered to keep him from saying what he knew about the hacking of the Ohio 04 election? And perhaps others …( to be continued)