In 2010, I published an investigative feature called Cybergate. In it, I presented compelling circumstantial evidence that the 2004 election in Ohio, which put George W. Bush into the White House, not John Kerry, had been stolen by electronically flipping the vote count in the middle of the night via a server centre in Chatanooga, Tennessee. If that sounds like science-fiction, that was my reaction when I set out on a journey of discovery into the dark world of electronic voter fraud. Nothing has changed since then, in terms of oversight or control. And as this excellent article, c0-authored by Bob Fitrakis, one of the experts I interviewed, shows the upcoming election is once again ripe for fraud. More states than ever use easily hackable, Diebold electronic voting machines.  Nine swing states have Republican governors, with the power and the means to flip votes. Karl Rove, the Svengali behind the theft of the 2004 election, has once again emerged from the shadows to establish the American Crossroads organisation. There is no certainty that this will happen. But all the conditions that led to the theft of the 2004 election are in place. Watch this space.

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