Prize-winning, young travel writer, Tara Isabella Burton, whom I have been mentoring since February 2013 recently wrote this about her experience: “Working with Simon was an absolutely invaluable part of my development as a writer. His depth and breadth of experience is staggering, and throughout our conversations, he’s not only […]

Thanks to Tara Isabella Burton

In these three non-fiction stories, critically acclaimed National Geographic writer, Simon Worrall, takes the reader on an exciting journey to one of the world's last wild places: Belize. The first story, Hike Across The Vaca Plateau, describes a 20-mile trek through a remote part of the Cayo district, accompanied by a Mayan guide and a mule. On the way, Worrall brings to life the amazing wildlife of the region: jaguars and wild pigs, poisonous snakes and tarantulas. Journey Down The Macal River, the second story, is a hybrid: part travelogue, part investigative report. sent to Belize by the Guardian, Worrall travels down the Macal River, cutting between his adventures in the jungle and the murky story behind the construction of the ill-fated Chalillo Dam and its disastrous effects on the area's fauna and flora, above all the Scarlet Macaw. The result is a searing indictment of an ecological catastrophe. The title story takes the reader behind the scenes of Hollywood icon, Francis Ford Coppola's life in Belize, in which the great director talks about the best way to cook pasta, his disaffection with Hollywood, and how he has managed to stay married to the same woman all his life.....

Coppola In Belize (And Other Adventures)

Feel the roar of canons and the crashing of timbers, as critically acclaimed, National Geographic author, Simon Worrall, takes you aboard HMS Victory as she sails into the greatest sea battle the world has ever seen.Fought off Cape Trafalgar, in southern Spain, on October 21st 1805, between a British fleet commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson and a Combined Spanish and French fleet, Trafalgar changed the world forever. Filled with vivid portraits of Nelson and his lover, Emma Hamilton, as well as the other commanders at Trafalgar, and gripping scenes from the heart of the conflagration, this short, richly illustrated book, delivers a compelling overview of a battle that changed the world. Where most writers have concentrated on the British side of the story, Worrall digs deep in French and Spanish archives to uncover fascinating, new material that shows the devastating human and historical consequences of defeat for Spain and France. The author is no armchair historian. Travelling through Britain, France and Spain, he takes the reader on a journey of discovery as he interviews leading experts in all three countries; drinks tea with Nelson's great-great granddaughter on the Welsh border; investigates the possible murder of the French admiral, Villeneuve, in Brittany; and joins the crew of a state-of-the-art research vessel, as it hunts for the wreck of the Spanish flagship, the Santissima Trinidad, off the coast of Cadiz. So, raise your anchor, and sail away ...

Horatio’s Finest Hour: The Battle of Trafalgar

I am delighted to feature once again in this excellent, new travel magazine dedicated to one of the last great wild places on earth: Patagonia. My journey there for National Geographic was one of the high points of my career as a writer, and an unforgettable experience.

Revelations at Cabo Curioso