In these dark days I want to express my affection for and solidarity with the people of Paris, and France. I have had a lifelong association with Paris. I lived there as a child and spent many months there on holiday with my parents and later on my own. Paris […]

Vive la France! Vive Paris!

Forty-seven years ago, two teams of young climbers joined together to conquer Denali (Mount McKinley), America's tallest peak, located in the interior of Alaska. It was the Summer of Love, and America rocked to the sound of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. These young men wanted to get high on thin air. But there were serious divisions within the teams—conflicts that would only get worse as the wind began to howl. Share Share on emailEmail More » Seven members of the 12-man team were never heard from again. The survivors spent the rest of their lives coping with their memories—and dodging the finger of blame. Was it bad leadership? Bad teamwork? Or just bad karma?

Denali’s Howl

Storms lashing the British coast last month revealed a strange, new sight off the west coast of Wales, near the village of Borth: the stumps of hundreds of tree trunks, rising out of the sand, like broken teeth. Could this be part of Cantre’r Gwaelod, a mythical kingdom believed to have disappeared beneath the waves thousands of years ago? Has Wales’s very own Atlantis been found?

The Submerged Forest of Borth: The Welsh Atlantis?

Written vividly, honestly and with a bonus sense of humor, Worrall has us visiting a working cattle ranch (read sample); sit on a remote beach delightedly watching rare white dolphins playing in the Atlantic. He ponders the millenia as the continent has risen from the sea so that now he sits on a high cliff within reach of whalebones. A sense of Time. We are with them as they brake suddenly trying to sneak up on a shy Nandu that only flees, zigzagging,flipping out alternate wings like directional signals....

River of Desire: “A Treasure of a Travel Book.”

Inspired by an image by 19th century, British photographer, Samuel Bourne, National Geographic author, Simon Worrall, sets off to find for the remote Himalayan monastery of Ki. Situated behind The Inner Line on the India-Tibet border, at over 14,000 ft., it is the highest monastery in the world. There, he discovers a 'Lost World' of pure Tibetan Buddhist culture that hardly exists in Tibet itself. Lavishly illustrated with maps and photographs, and full of affectionate portraits of the people and places he encounters, Journey to Ki will take you on an unforgettable journey to a place few travellers have visited ....

Journey to Ki: Highest Monastery In The World

The story of the Pilgrim Fathers after they step ashore at Plymouth Rock is well known. But their English origins have received little attention. In this piccaresque travelogue, which combines humour with deep, historical research, critically acclaimed National Geographic writer, Simon Worrall, sets off for the village of Scrooby, in Lincolnshire, to unearth the true story of the Englishmen (and women) who founded America. The result is sure to surprise you ...

Pilgrims: The True Story Of The Englishmen Who Founded America ...