Newspaper coverage is really important for an author. So thanks to Bob Rogers at The Abergavenny Chronicle for this nicely framed piece about the book. I spoke to him over the phone a few weeks ago and am delighted to see the piece today. A Box Of Love Letters STILL […]

The Local Is The New Global

BBC Hereford and Worcester – my local stations – very kindly had me on twice this week. One was for the evening drive programme – the other was the breakfast show. Both went really well, so I wanted to share them with you. Late Night Graham Torrington Tonight, I am […]

BBC Radio Interview

IMG_2307 BBC I am delighted to share this interview from yesterday’s BBC Midlands Today cultural correspondent, Satnam Rana. She and a cameraman came to my house in Herefordshire to film. Luckily, after a misty start, the weather was good enough to sit in the garden. I think you will agree […]

BBC Midlands Today Broadcast

IMG_2307 Introduction Chelsea Clinton was one of the stars of this year’s Hay Festival. So it was an honour and a pleasure to get to meet Chelsea Clinton and give her a dedicated copy of the book. She was there to promote her own book, Global Health, and I managed to […]

With Chelsea Clinton At The Hay Festival

Blogger alert! Today, my novel, The Very White of Love, became available on NetGalley, another milestone on what has been a seven year journey from the first tentative sentences to publication on June 14th. So please do download a copy and write a review. Here’s a bit of background: A […]

The Very White Of Love Goes Live On NetGalley

After his mother’s death, Simon Worrall found a chocolate box full of letters in the attic telling the story of her love for Martin Preston. Nancy Whelan met Mr Preston when he was a student in Oxford in 1938 and the couple were in love and engaged to be married when the Second World War broke out. Mr Preston enlisted, travelling to Northern France in January 1940, but within a short time his letters stopped and he was never heard from again. The Second Lieutenant is thought to have died while manning a machine gun post in Hazebrouck, northern France.

Press For The Very White Of Love