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2 thoughts on “Book Talk: The Amazing Story Of How An Artist’s Memory Loss Is Fuelling Discoveries About The Brain

  • Betty Napolitan

    Your writing has a way of making subjects interesting, informative and humane.

    Your article reinforces these two issues ideas for me: live in the present, but keep your memories intact, and alive. However, memory shifts constantly, and I think living in today’s world it slips and morphs quickly.
    In earlier human history, memorizing was the dominant way to spread cultural and personal history, as well as ‘life’ knowledge. Memorization came under fire in the 1960’s in education as an outmoded tool of learning. Yet I wonder whether not learning how to train the hippocampus to memorize, to sort and keep memories is having an affect on education and learning.Would an active hippocampus be less likely to suffer dementia?

    Great article.

  • sworrall Post author

    Thanks very much for your comments, Betty. I am so glad you liked the piece. What an interesting idea that is, too, about training the hippocampus at an early stage. The three R’s were a good thing. Best, Simon