Book Talk – Death Travelers; Hidden Iran; Unreported Scotland; A Jihadist Turns Spy; The Anthropocene.

Phew! It’s been a busy month at National Geographic Book Talk. Among the writers I have interviewed are Judy Bachrach, author of Glimpsing Heaven, about ‘death travelers’, who have been to the other side and returned to tell the tale; Ramita Navai, British-Iranian author of City of Lies, a fabulous book that takes readers inside her native Tehran, but shows a side of the city few westerners – and most Iranians – ever see. With the Scottish referendum in the offing, Glasgow-based journalist, Peter Ross, introduced us to the country behind the cliches of whiskey, kilts and heather in his new book, Danderlust. Danish-born Morten Storm, author of Agent Storm, talked about his extraordinary experiences as a jihadist and then as one of the West’s most prized assets in the fight against Islamic terrorism, which reads like a series of Homeland episodes, but much scarier and more real. Finally, best-selling American author, Diane Ackerman, introduced her new book, The Human Age, in which she writes about climate change and the battle  between human ingenuity and the degradation of the environment, which may decide the fate of the planet ( she’s an optimist). Happy reading!

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