Bail out colleges – not banks ! Save Stonybrook Southampton ! Last week it was announced that as part of its cost cutting plans Stonybrook University is to close its Southampton L.I campus. The news came like a bolt out of the blue, leaving students, staff and the local community shocked and upset. I don’t directly have a dog in this fight but my partner, Heather Dune Macadam, is a professor at the campus. She now faces the loss of not only her job but possibly her house. It seems incredible that while banks can be bailed out with taxpayers money, colleges are allowed to be put to the sword in this way. It is an act of extremely bad faith on the part of Stonybrook, who only took over the campus three years ago – and made all sorts of guarantees to the staff and community about their long-term commitment. It’s particularly sad because the Southampton campus is the centre for environmental studies, educating a new generation of young people to care for the planet. Rumours abound about Stonybrook’s future plans, one of which is that it may become a teaching hospital. This would fit with the ambitions of the President, Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, who comes from a medical/ scientific background ( as opposed to the previous incumbent, who came from a humanities background). It is worth noting that Dr. Stanley has a salary of $650,000 p.a. Perhaps he could take a voluntary pay cut and contribute some of that money to keeping the campus open. Better still, he should resign immediately for betraying not only the staff and students of the Southampton Campus, but the local community as well. The good news is that the fight to keep the campus open is not over yet. Local politicians, staff and students are all working hard to do what they can to reverse the decision, which may, in fact, prove to be illegal. YOU can help by signing this petition and spreading the word to your friends and colleagues:


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