Amazons Rock! 2

By far the most popular recent National Geographic Book Talk has been Adrienne Mayor’s book, The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women Across The Ancient World.  It got nearly 40k FB Likes, an average read time of 9 minutes, and even made it into the Top 100 shared articles on the Internet.

The Amazons got a bum rap in antiquity. They wore trousers. They smoked pot, covered their skin with tattoos, rode horses, and fought as hard as the guys. Legends sprang up like weeds. They cut off their breasts to fire their bows better! They mutilated or killed their boy children! Modern (mostly male) scholars continued the confabulations. The Amazons were hard-core feminists. Man haters. Delinquent mothers. Lesbians.

Drawing on a wealth of textual, artistic, and archaeological evidence, Adrienne Mayor, dispelled these myths and took us inside the truly wild and wonderful world of these ancient warrior women.

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  • patsy evans

    can I obtain simon Worrall’s email address. I wish to express my gratitude to him for the article he wrote on the Elephants of Burma.
    thanking you
    Patsy Evans

  • sworrall Post author

    Thanks for getting in touch,Patsy. I got your email and will reply forthwith. Best,Simon