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Amazon Reviews have started to come in. We have five so far, and all of them are 5*! We have also had some great press, which is really exciting. So I thought I would post a selection of them here.


‘A love story told in exquisitely poetic letters’ DAILY MAIL

‘An unforgettable read that draws you into the tenderness, heartbreak and drama of Nancy and Martin’s love story.’ WOMAN MAGAZINE

‘Touchingly intimate yet scorchingly dramatic… The Very White of Love takes you step by step into another time, heartfelt and beautiful.’ LOVEREADING

‘Simon Worrall’s The Very White of Love is one of those books that after a few chapters, becomes as vital and immediate as real life; an elegant, heart-pounding narrative that bears all the hallmarks of great literature and classic Hollywood.’ – SIMON VAN BOOY, author of Love Begins in Winter


***** ” Wow this is some debut novel- this blew me away . I was asked to review for LoveReading. Mother has died and her son after a few weeks is going through a chocolate box filled with love letters all tied up with knots and one rainy day she unties the knots.This was a beautiful book that I too sat on a bleak over cast day and like the son I untied the knots and turned the pages.” 

*****”The Very White Of Love by S.C. Worrall is a heart wrenching and powerful historical read that brings alive the futility of war for the reader. Now that I have finished the book, I still feel emotionally charged. The story affected me deeply. Set between 1938 – 1941 the reader ‘experiences’ both peace and war. The tranquillity of the English countryside steeped in very ‘Englishness’ contrasts with the brutality of war torn Europe. This is a novel grounded in reality. The author found letters to his mother in an attic after her death and he was inspired to write the story.”

*****  “A story of heart-rending, compelling, exquisite fascination that left me, within 15 minutes of the last page, an emotional wreck. The talent that devised this tale, researched it so meticulously, and expressed it so unbelievably beautifully and authentically, is prodigious. Any cinematic reproduction will be well deserved. A wonderful discovery, and my gratitude to the Daily Mail of 14th June 2018 for highlighting the book’s appearance that month. It truly merits the widest circulation among readers.”

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