Yearly archives: 2012

The world didn’t end in 2012, after all. And I think good things are going to happen in 2013. Two things beckon for me on the horizon: finishing my new book, The Very White of Love, and leading the first ever commercial cruise along the maritime silk route. I am […]

Happy New Year!

In 2010, I published an investigative feature called Cybergate. In it, I presented compelling circumstantial evidence that the 2004 election in Ohio, which put George W. Bush into the White House, not John Kerry, had been stolen by electronically flipping the vote count in the middle of the night via […]


For the last few weeks, one of nature’s great migrations has been taking place on the east end of Long Island: clouds of large, gold and black Monarch butterflies heading in a steady pulse west along the coast. They generally keep to the dunes, as is it’s more sheltered, but […]

Monarch Migration

These amazing, historic photos were recently sent to me by Ralph Lake, an old colleague and excellent Mandarin speaker, who shared an extraordinary year with me in Dalian, Manchuria, where I taught English at the Dalian Foreign Language Institute for a year from 1984-1985. It was only five years after […]

Dalian, China 1984-1985

I was honoured this weekend to be given the chance by BBC Radio 4’s great programme, From Our Own Correspondent, to tell the moving story of the death of my mother’s WW2 fiance, Martin Preston, nephew of the poet Robert Graves; and the heroic resistance put up by the Bucks […]

Journey to Hazebrouck: BBC From Our Own Correspondent

We’re about to leave on a journey to Auschwitz via Vienna, Bratislava and Poprod to honour the first transport of Jewish women to the death camp on March 26th. 1942. Heather Macadam, author of Rena’s Promise: The Story of Two Sisters in Auscwhitz, is the moving force behind this event. […]

70th. Anniversary of The First Transport of Women to Auschwitz: ...