Monthly archives: January 2010

Like most people outside the Beltway, I had never heard of Michael Connell. But I quickly discovered that his name was all over the web long before his plane crashed. On one site, he was openly referred to as Karl Rove’s ‘vote rigger’, who had created secret IT systems to […]

Cybergate: The Back Story (4)

It is snowing hard when I set off in late January 2009 on Rte. 585 to drive the thirty miles from Wooster to Bath, Ohio, to meet Heather Connell, the recently widowed wife of Michael Connell, a prodigiously gifted computer expert who had worked for Karl Rove and both George […]

Cybergate: The Back Story ( Post 2)

After a long, complicated birth, my investigative feature into the hacking of the Ohio 04 election – and with it the American Presidency – and the possible murder of Republican IT expert, Michael Connell, has just been published in the US in Maxim magazine. It took nearly a year to […]