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This weekend marks the 70th. anniversary of the epic withdrawal from Dunkirk, in which 330,000 allied troops were plucked from the beaches after the collapse of the British Expeditionary Force’s campaign in France and Belgium. Many British soldiers did not make it home. One of them was my mother’s fiance, […]

The Very White of Love

I have just uploaded to Kindle a new, revised and updated e-version of Dead Man Provenance (, the magazine story first published in The Paris Review, which formed the basis of my book, The Poet & The Murderer. It tells the story of a forged Emily Dickinson poem that […]

Dead Man Provenance/Journey to Ki

An issue that is galvanising the local community here on the East End of Long Island, where I spend part of the year, is the proposed closure of Stonybrook’s Southampton Campus. The main mover behind the scheme is the President of Stonybrook, Samuel L. Stanley, a technocrat who has betrayed […]

Save Stonybrook Southampton: Axe the Fat Cats

It’s a rainy day on Long Island, I got back here last week, after being stuck ” under the volcano ” in Britain for a week. It was irritating at the time. But, in fact, it worked out well. It gave me a few more days at home and enabled […]

Of Volcanos and Baldrick; Dojo Films; Beckett, Clegg and Coleridge.

The battle to keep Stonybrook Southampton’s campus open continues with new fronts being opened daily. The latest coup is that Alec Baldwin, the actor and local resident, stepped into the fray and slammed the closure in Newsday ( ). Other celebrity friends of the campaign, possibly including RFK Jr., […]

Save Stonybrook Southampton ( update) Last week it was announced that as part of its cost cutting plans Stonybrook University is to close its Southampton L.I campus. The news came like a bolt out of the blue, leaving students, staff and the local community shocked and upset. I don’t directly have a dog in […]

Bail out colleges – not banks ! Save Stonybrook Southampton ...