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Pop the champagne corks! As of Tuesday, December 8th. 2009, The Poet & The Murderer is available as an e-book on Kindle ( @ It’s my latest venture into epublishing, which I think is going to be the new Yukon for writers ( a recent survey suggested that by 2015 25% of the UK will have ereaders in one form or another) and I want to stake my claim!

A lot of people feel very protective of the idea of the book qua book – and I am one of them: books are the only material possessions I have ever really valued – but I think the negativity towards Kindle etc. is misplaced. This is just another way of reading – and for my 23 year old son’s generation, the first in five hundred years, I have always maintained, for whom the LCD screen not the book was the primary point of reference, it may prove to be a means of enticing them back to reading. I’ll stop there …

The P&M is also available on Smashwords @

Happy reading !

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Writer with @Natgeo; author of The Poet and The Murderer; and the forthcoming Starcrossed: A Romeo And Juliet Story in Hitler's Paris (2022)

One thought on “The Poet & The Murderer/Kindle Edition

  • Fred

    I personally dig the Kindle, but I really love having the actual book in my bookcase. It shows my interests to friends and family when they come to visit.

    Will I ever get one? I don’t know, but I’ll always keep reading!

    Congrats on TPATM launch!

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