Thanks to my producer, Tony Grant, at the BBC’s wonderful programme, From Our Own Correspondent, half an hour of radio that takes you around the world. Last week, I had the honour of being able to tell the story of a recent journey I did to the island of Ternate […]

Seatrek, Spice and the Maritime Silk Route.

Our journey aboard the Ombak Putih began in Sorong, in West Papua, or Irian Jaya, as it is known today. A bush town that services the resources grab currently taking place in Irian Jaya, Sorong felt like a place straight out of a Joseph Conrad novel. In an arts and […]

In Wallace’s Wake: Part Two ~ Penis Gourds and Birds ...

It’s a rainy day on Long Island, I got back here last week, after being stuck ” under the volcano ” in Britain for a week. It was irritating at the time. But, in fact, it worked out well. It gave me a few more days at home and enabled […]

Of Volcanos and Baldrick; Dojo Films; Beckett, Clegg and Coleridge.